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Rune Petersen rune at
Sat Jun 25 10:54:28 PDT 2005

Alex Deucher wrote:
> This is a big collection of all the fixing I've been working on over the last
> few weeks.  It's a big patch, but I can break it up when it's ready for cvs. 
> It's partly based on an old patch from Hui Yu as well as some tv-out sample code
> from ati.
> New features:
> - output mapping.  either crtc can drive any output.  An option, reversedisplay,
> lets you swap the crtc maps.  Works well
> - tv-out.  I haven't done extensive testing, since I don't have a tv near my pc.
> pluging it into my tv-card results in an out of sync signal.  needs testing and
> fixing.  also tv auto-detect is not yet implemented as I don't know
> how to do it.
> - LVDS + internal TMDS.  if you have a laptop or docking station with LVDS and a
> DVI port, set your monitorlayout to "LVDS, TMDS" and it should work, however, I
> don't have such a laptop/docking station to test with, so it may need some small
> tweaks yet.  Please test and let me know how it goes.
> - fix tiling on r3/4xx.  tiled framebuffer now works perfectly on
> r3/4xx hardware
> - fix dynamicclocks code.  several OUTREGs should have been OUTPLLs
> - fix corruption on high res modes on on r3/4xx.  if displaypriority is set to
> HIGH, bump up the display priority in the memory controller.  according to the
> databooks, this is the proper behavior for hi-res displays the controller can't
> handle with the default priority.
> The patch is pretty invasive so there is a possibility that I've broken old
> functionality or lost certain fixes.  I've tried to be careful, but it could
> definitely use some more testing.
> Similar to Hui's old patch, I've moved much of the display code to a new
> radeon_display.c.  I've also added radeon_tvout.c and radeon_tvout.h to support
> tv-out.  Add the new files and apply the patch.
> The latest and greatest is available here:
> Alex
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I had a quick look. I'll test the TV-out in a day or two.

      case PCI_CHIP_RADEON_LZ:
  	info->IsMobility = TRUE;
  	info->ChipFamily = CHIP_FAMILY_RV100;
+	info->videoChip = VCHIP_RT1;
+	info->tvoutType = TVOUT_INTERNAL;

You can get inspiration from the auto-detect routine in the tv_output 
patch. (its GPL...)

-    /* R420 family not supported yet */
-    if (info->ChipFamily == CHIP_FAMILY_R420) return;

thank you!! =)

Rune Petersen

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