big radeon patch

Alex Deucher alexdeucher at
Sat Jun 25 09:22:36 PDT 2005

This is a big collection of all the fixing I've been working on over the last
few weeks.  It's a big patch, but I can break it up when it's ready for cvs. 
It's partly based on an old patch from Hui Yu as well as some tv-out sample code
from ati.

New features:
- output mapping.  either crtc can drive any output.  An option, reversedisplay,
lets you swap the crtc maps.  Works well
- tv-out.  I haven't done extensive testing, since I don't have a tv near my pc.
pluging it into my tv-card results in an out of sync signal.  needs testing and
fixing.  also tv auto-detect is not yet implemented as I don't know
how to do it.
- LVDS + internal TMDS.  if you have a laptop or docking station with LVDS and a
DVI port, set your monitorlayout to "LVDS, TMDS" and it should work, however, I
don't have such a laptop/docking station to test with, so it may need some small
tweaks yet.  Please test and let me know how it goes.
- fix tiling on r3/4xx.  tiled framebuffer now works perfectly on
r3/4xx hardware
- fix dynamicclocks code.  several OUTREGs should have been OUTPLLs
- fix corruption on high res modes on on r3/4xx.  if displaypriority is set to
HIGH, bump up the display priority in the memory controller.  according to the
databooks, this is the proper behavior for hi-res displays the controller can't
handle with the default priority.

The patch is pretty invasive so there is a possibility that I've broken old
functionality or lost certain fixes.  I've tried to be careful, but it could
definitely use some more testing.

Similar to Hui's old patch, I've moved much of the display code to a new
radeon_display.c.  I've also added radeon_tvout.c and radeon_tvout.h to support
tv-out.  Add the new files and apply the patch.

The latest and greatest is available here:


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