Concerns about the i915 driver

Kim Schulz kim at
Sun Jun 12 11:12:37 PDT 2005

On Thu, 09 Jun 2005 14:16:17 +0200
Andreas Schildbach <andreas at> wrote:

> Kasper Grubbe wrote:
> > Cool, good to know that the hardware that i am going to buy is
> > supported.
> You should check out that the Notebook you are going to buy has VBE 
> modes for all resolutions you are going to use internally (notebook 
> display) and externally (on a separate screen).
> Else you would need to use "kludges" like 855resolution or
> 915resolution.

Which works without any problems on all laptops i have tested on. 
so its not that big a deal in my oppinion. 

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