SCO port update - what now?

Kean Johnston kean at
Fri Jun 10 10:03:06 PDT 2005

> 	* why was the AssembleObject change made?
That one is becuase older make's (in fact, so far only GNU make seems
to support it) do not allow $* in normal rules, only in inference rules.
So you can use $* in a .c.o: rule but not in a normal rule.

> 	* why was the zlib change made?
Becuase not all (in fact many) compilers support #error, but not
#warning. Thats a GCC-ism. Unless you are refering to the change in
lbx_zlib_io.c, in which case, OSR5 has writev() and doesn't need lbx
to provide it.

> 	* the glxinfo change is wrong.
Which one? There was one to an Imakefile, to not build glxinfo if
GLU wasn't built, and one to use SimpleCplusplusProgramTarget instead
of SimpleProgramTarget. I dont see how either of those is wrong, so
can you tell me why they are?

> 	* why was the xdm/auth.c change made?
Becuase it was completely duplicating code found in Xlibint, and doing
a bad job of it. _XGetHostname() had all the same smarts, but xdm/auth.c
and _XGetHostname were out of sync. So I reeuced it to call that other
function instead of maintaining the same bits in two places.

> 	* why was the xterm/charproc.c change made?
That was based on either a future or past release of xterm, I honestly
cant recall which at the moment. But tis moot, I am removing all of the
xterm changes and submitting them separately to Tom Dickey.


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