Screen stays blank when exiting X (i810)

Michael Voucko voucko at
Fri Jun 10 07:04:24 PDT 2005

 >>Does anybody know what the problem is or can point me in the right
 >>Is there more information I can provide to track down the problem
 >>(xorg.conf is attached)?
 > Michael,
 > You could try adding the option ...
 > 	Option "VBERestore"
 > and see if that helps. If not, then you might need to build the latest
 > driver from CVS.
 > Alan.

Thanks Alan,

building the driver from CVS did the trick for me! I can now start and stop X 
without getting the blank screen.

I tried VBERestore before - the only difference was that the screen does only 
flicker once and than change to white for about 1 second before again getting 
black and blank....

On more question:
To build the current xorg driver on FreeBSD one has to build the
     x11-server/xorg-server port
which requires the sources from
     X11R6.8.2-src1.tar.gz and X11R6.8.2-src3.tar.gz

So I started with
- comparing the regular X11R6.8.2 source with the source created by applying
   the FreeBSD ports tree patch set
- comparing the regular X11R6.8.2 source with current CVS HEAD source tree

As I found quite some changes betweeen the different version my assumption was 
that it wouldn't be possible to just grab the latest i810 sources from CVS and 
put it in the patched X11R6.8.2 source tree of the FreeBSD ports tree and would 
still successfully build a new driver, so I waded through merging the patched 
X11R6.8.2 and HEAD source tree (which is a time consuming thing if you don't 
know anything about the sources' content....).
Is this the correct approach or are the changes only local to the i810 driver 
implementation so that a simple replace of the sources would do the trick as well?

Thanks again for giving me a working X!

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