John Davidorff Pell jpell.lists at mac.com
Sat Jun 4 17:15:25 PDT 2005

I've been poking around the Xorg wiki and came up with a question or  

Aside from modularisation, what changes will be made in the next  
release? I know there are a lot of bug fixes and improvements to  
various features, but are there any plans for specific new features?  
for example, will composite and damage be enabled by default? Will  
XCB be part of the release, default or not? &c. Is there a release  
plan, or just general development?

Specifically, there are several changed/improved/new extensions, like  
XHotPlug, that don't look active in the wiki. KeySym changes listed  
on the KeySym page look like they ought to be incorporated.

Also, I've heard a lot of talk about ABI breakage in various modules,  
but I don't remember seeing decisions made.

Basically, I'm asking if the modularisation is the Big Feature, or if  
there are specific changes that will happen, apart from the build  

One thing I've noticed is discussion about where developers ought to  
spend their time. Perhaps with specific goals for X11R7 (besides  
modularisation), it would be simpler for developers to find places to  
work as well as give direction to those developers who still find  
time to argue about what to spend their time on.

Perhaps all my questions are just symptoms of a not-quite-recent wiki  
and decisions have been made and these changes are already in CVS.


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