Dual card setup

Stefan Baltus stefan at cps-i.nl
Fri Apr 15 11:20:02 PDT 2005

Dear list,

I have a solaris 10 machine with Xorg installed that has two video cards (one
on board VIA vga chip and a matrox AGP or PCI card). I'd like to use the VIA 
onboard vga as a mere console (all boot stuff, etc) and the matrox running in a 
1280x1024  resolution. I have a few questions about this (one is not really 
X related, but you never know :)):

1. is it possible to make the on-board vga the primary card so boot messages
   go there and nowhere else?

2. is this a supported configuration by Xorg? If yes: how can I address both
   cards separately?


Stefan Baltus

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