[Mesa3d-dev] GLX and Xgl

Ian Romanick idr at us.ibm.com
Mon Apr 11 15:43:22 PDT 2005

Alexander Gottwald wrote:
> Ian Romanick wrote:
>>I haven't committed (or released as patches) any of this yet because
>>it's pretty big, and I don't see a clear way to cherry-pick any parts of
>>it out.  Pretty much all of my changes end up breaking GLX for Darwin
>>and cygwin.
> As long as it enables us to have both software mesa rendering and native
> opengl rendering it is fine for me. The cygwin stuff is in a separate branch
> and won't break until I'm ready to pull the stuff in and the mingw stuff is
> still considered development code and subject to changes.

It ends up working just like on the client-side.  There is a single 
driver loaded per screen.  That driver is free to draw stuff however it 
sees fit.

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