Proposed change to xorgcfg

Mike A. Harris mharris at
Mon Apr 11 10:58:45 PDT 2005

Adam Jackson wrote:
> On Monday 11 April 2005 13:03, Kean Johnston wrote:
>>>It appears to be in the same state as many xorg bugs - too many
>>>bugs, too few people to tackle them all.   The solution is to
>>>stop whining about it, get CVS access, and start helping to commit
>>I recently acquired cvs write access. What are the commit policies?
>>The patch mentioned in that attachment is great, although I'd leave
>>out the reams of comments and just fix the bug.
>>I'll happily commit a fix if that's OK with everyone.
>>PS. Can someone point me to some form of procedures for checkin
>>doc? I'd hate to have write access revoked because I didnt follow
>>the right procedure :)
> Patch review:
> - Open bug in bugzilla
> - Attach patch, preferably with commentary and diffstat
> - Wait reasonable amount of time for people to care (use your judgement)
> Commit procedure to HEAD:
> - cvs up
> - apply patch
> - edit xc/ChangeLog, add an entry for the change.  Include at minimum the
>   date, name, email address, files changed, bugzilla ID and change
>   description.  If the patch was written by someone else, give them credit.
> - cvs commit, with the change description from the ChangeLog as the commit
>   message.
> - Close the bug.
> Having to manually edit the ChangeLog is the only really painful part.  Anyone 
> who wants to automate that?

Eric Anholt automated that already didn't he?  Perhaps someone could
drop a script in xc/ to do that.

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