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Adam Jackson ajax at
Mon Apr 11 10:24:47 PDT 2005

On Monday 11 April 2005 13:03, Kean Johnston wrote:
> > It appears to be in the same state as many xorg bugs - too many
> > bugs, too few people to tackle them all.   The solution is to
> > stop whining about it, get CVS access, and start helping to commit
> I recently acquired cvs write access. What are the commit policies?
> The patch mentioned in that attachment is great, although I'd leave
> out the reams of comments and just fix the bug.
> I'll happily commit a fix if that's OK with everyone.
> PS. Can someone point me to some form of procedures for checkin
> doc? I'd hate to have write access revoked because I didnt follow
> the right procedure :)

Patch review:

- Open bug in bugzilla
- Attach patch, preferably with commentary and diffstat
- Wait reasonable amount of time for people to care (use your judgement)

Commit procedure to HEAD:

- cvs up
- apply patch
- edit xc/ChangeLog, add an entry for the change.  Include at minimum the
  date, name, email address, files changed, bugzilla ID and change
  description.  If the patch was written by someone else, give them credit.
- cvs commit, with the change description from the ChangeLog as the commit
- Close the bug.

Having to manually edit the ChangeLog is the only really painful part.  Anyone 
who wants to automate that?

- ajax
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