Change list from 6.8 to HEAD, and 7.0 plans

Adam Jackson ajax at
Mon Apr 4 15:28:06 PDT 2005

One of the complaints I've heard from people is that it's hard to get a feel 
for what's been happening in X, for people who aren't brave enough to read 
ChangeLogs directly.  I found myself reviewing the ChangeLog for patches that 
had made it into 6.8.2 but not head (and found a few, unfortunately), so I 
wrote a quickie overview of the major changes between 6.8 and HEAD:

If you do something major - or have done something major that's not listed - 
please add it to the list.  Ideally we can write this as we go for the next 
and future releases, so we don't have as much of a documentation task doing 
the release notes.

I'd like people to start thinking about (and preferably announcing) the 
features they're working to get into 7.0, so users and vendors have an idea 
of what to expect besides "bugfixes and better build system".  Obviously 
these aren't necessarily commitments, but they should give us and the 
community a better idea of what we're doing and where we're going.

In the spirit of fairness, I'll start:

- Altix platform support
- Multiseat support
- DRI-based indirect GLX (probably software-only for now)

This brings up the question of release date.  Anyone have strong feelings 
about this?  We've already missed the six month mark from 6.8.0 given the 
massive 6.8.2 effort.  I would suggest August at the latest, and preferably 

- ajax
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