nvidia 6200TC + nv + dualhead?

Oliver Lehmann lehmann at ans-netz.de
Mon Apr 4 12:31:29 PDT 2005


I want to buy an amd64 board with ePCI in the near future. I'm not able
to use my old Matrox 400-DH anyway with amd64 since matrox only hands out
a 32bit driver which I need to get DualHead to work.
I need to buy a new graphic card, and I want to buy a card which gives me
my lovly DualHead back, and doesn't disturbs my environment with a fan. I
think nvidia's 6200TC chipset will give me all this. So all I need to
know now is - will a 6200TC card work with xorg's nv driver in dualhead
mode on amd64 (an FreeBSD if that matters)? If not - is someone aware of
another ePCI card which gives me those 2 "features", is ePCI and on the

  Greetings, Oliver

 Oliver Lehmann

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