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Daniel Stone daniel at freedesktop.org
Wed Jun 2 04:27:05 PDT 2004

On Wed, Jun 02, 2004 at 01:56:21PM +0300, Ely Levy wrote:
> I wanted to suggest to enable the bug voting in bugzilla
> I know it's one of those things that have long boring arguments about
> but here I go anyhow;)
> - It's good for the users let them take off steam instead of going to
> complain to developers they know their voice is being heard.
> - It gives user indication how many other people encounter that bug
> - It gives developers information about which bug fixes/features are most
> requested by users.
> Now people would ask what if we don't care about what the users has to
> say? Personaly I got the impression that this is not the case in projects
> which are hosted on fd.o in general and espcialy not in the xorg
> community. but even then knowing doesn't mean you have to act by it, it
> still gives you information about credibility of bugs if one person submit
> a bug you don't know how accurate it is, if 1000 ppl vote for it you know
> there is something in it.
> I don't see any downside for it, but since I saw some people object to it
> I thought to explain my point of view:)

The problem there is when you have users vote for impossible bugs (e.g.
want open-source 3D acceleration for r3xx), and these are the most
popular bugs. Users then get upset about the lack of responsiveness of
the project; fd.o/X.Org comes off looking aloof.

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