[Xorg] Re: X.Org DRI merge

Donnie Berkholz spyderous at gentoo.org
Thu Jul 22 00:47:53 PDT 2004

On Thu, 2004-07-22 at 03:21, Eric Anholt wrote:
> OK, so current DRI sources have been merged.  Sorry for the CVS logs not
> being clear on the mailing list, but what happened was that after I
> noticed that the Mesa log was huge I went and turned off logging until
> after the conflict resolution.  Probably should have turned it back on
> before conflict resolution.  On a related note, I feel like CVSROOT
> modifications should also go to the mailing list, so people can know,
> "OK, anholt's playing around with big imports and things will have
> changed."  Any opposition to doing so?

I'd rather also see huge logs. But that's just me.
Donnie Berkholz
Gentoo Linux
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