[Xorg] X.Org DRI merge

Eric Anholt eta at lclark.edu
Thu Jul 22 00:21:04 PDT 2004

OK, so current DRI sources have been merged.  Sorry for the CVS logs not
being clear on the mailing list, but what happened was that after I
noticed that the Mesa log was huge I went and turned off logging until
after the conflict resolution.  Probably should have turned it back on
before conflict resolution.  On a related note, I feel like CVSROOT
modifications should also go to the mailing list, so people can know,
"OK, anholt's playing around with big imports and things will have
changed."  Any opposition to doing so?

Now I'm doing final build testing and looking at hooking development
drivers up to the build in an appropriate way.

We'll also need someone to take a look at snapshots.  One easy thing to
do (I hope) would be to just update the current snapshot scripts for the
new tree.  The other possibility is to integrate snapshots into a DRI
tinderbox script, which I think would be pretty nice to have.

The advantage of the tinderbox route is that we get a pretty nifty way
to look at the logs when the build fails, and better knowledge of just
when the build began failing, should development become active enough
that nailing breakages down within the day is useful.

Eric Anholt                                eta at lclark.edu          
http://people.freebsd.org/~anholt/         anholt at FreeBSD.org

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