[Xorg] Memory usage under latest X.org server.

spook spook at spc.org
Wed Jul 21 15:59:39 PDT 2004

I have just installed slackware 10, which for the first time contains the                                 
x.org xserver. It seems to work well for the most part, but my X process                                  
uses far more memory than I could have imagined it would need, and causes my                              
system to act in a sluggish fashion. Previously, X would use a maximum of                                 
20% of my 256M of ram, and my system would hardly ever use any swap. With                                 
the new X.org server, my X process uses FAR more than this, and the longer                                
it stays running, the more it devours, including swap.                                                    
  PID USER      PR  NI  VIRT  RES  SHR S %CPU %MEM    TIME+  COMMAND                                      
27609 root      19   0  227m 173m 4380 R  5.3 69.3  23:32.92 X                                            
(top output)                                                                                              
My gfx card is a Radeon 7000, PCI version. I have not specified a conf file                               
for X, but just run startx from the command line and go with the defaults. I                              
have asked on a number of forums but no one has been able to help, likewise                               
there is nothing that I could google that was pertinant. Any help that you                                
could shed on this would be much appreciated: I have no idea whether this is
a  bug or a configuration bug.                                                             

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