[Xorg] Implementing "Xv" extension on DDX which don'tsupportitin hardware...

Billy Biggs vektor at dumbterm.net
Fri Jul 16 21:24:22 PDT 2004

Thomas Winischhofer (thomas at winischhofer.net):

> Keith Packard wrote:
> >
> > Typically, the X server paints the key.  The client can ask that it
> > be allowed to paint the key if it wants, but I've never seen any app
> > do that.
> Xine does it that way. It disables automatic painting of the colorkey
> (if supported by the respective driver) and paints the colorkey
> itself.  Point being subtitles which can more easily be done by
> "skipping" pixels in the colorkey.

  Unfortunately they sometimes leave it shut off, meaning that other
applications seem to have to check whether it's true.   At least, I'm
now getting bug reports about my app losing video in obscured portions
since we only paint the colour key on map. . .

  Anyway, point being that tvtime will in the next version always paint
the colour key to avoid this problem. :)


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