[Xorg] "long long" and "unsigned long long" in xc/ tree...

Keith Packard keithp at keithp.com
Fri Jul 16 19:18:20 PDT 2004

Around 0 o'clock on Jul 12, Roland Mainz wrote:

> I'd like to add some code which uses
> |long long| _everywhere_ and cannot be easily modified to work without
> it...

I'm also planning on using 64 and 128 bit arithmetic in cairo to support 
precise tesselation.  To do this, I've implemented multi-precision 
arithmetic for platforms which don't support these types natively.

Please check out the 'cairo_u128' module available in my CVS repository
for the proposed interface; suggested changes would be welcome.  Of 
course, the function calls in the interface revert to macros on systems 
which support the datatypes natively.


holds a pointer to the appropriate CVS module.


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