[Xorg] Strange crashes caused by radeon pagesize cleanup/update?

sn4ip3r at sn4ip3r.dyn.ee sn4ip3r at sn4ip3r.dyn.ee
Thu Jul 15 09:40:33 PDT 2004

The latest X.org (from CVS date:2004-07-13) seems to crash while opening
or resizing some gtk windows, I didn't investigate it much, but server
crashes (Fatal server error: Caught signal 11.  Server aborting) were
caused by opening xfce4-mixer, evolution-1.5, gtk file save dialog,
rhythmbox (all of those, including gtk are also latest CVS versions,
but I don't think gtk could cause this).

Anyway, I tried Xorg from 2004-07-09 and it worked fine, then I applied
the updates to radeon_dri.c and r128_dri.c and got the same problem as
with 2004-07-13.

I'm also using the latest radeon drm driver from Xorg cvs, radeon 9000
pro 64MB, gcc-3.4.1 (also tried 3.3.3), linux-2.6.7-rc3,

(btw. I made a small test program and getpagesize() did return 4096.)

-- This seem to be the cause of the problem:

It's also possible that the problem occurs on r128 but I can't test that.
Strange thing is that the patch is very simple and doesn't look like it
could cause the server to crash, but maybe I'm missing something.

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