[Xorg] Next X.Org Foundation release plan

Kristian Høgsberg krh at bitplanet.net
Sun Jul 11 10:14:18 PDT 2004

Kevin E Martin wrote:
> On today's release wranglers call, the group discussed plans for having
> the next X.Org Foundation release by August 25th.  The primary new
> features planned for this release are three new extensions: Damage,
> XFixes and Composite.
> Some of the open questions are:
> - What is the state of each of these extensions, and what additional
>   work is needed to complete their integration into the CVS repository?
> - What other functionality should be integrated before the release?
> - Is the DRI support up-to-date or are there additional bug fixes that
>   need to be applied to the tree?
> - What other patches/bug fixes are needed?

I sent a patch to remove legacy keyboard support in favour of the new, 
modularized kbd keyboard driver.  Egbert suggested that the way to go 
with this was to deprecate the legacy driver and not compile it by 
default for a while.  After that the legacy driver could hopefully be 
removed.  Would it be appropriate to take this firste step with the next 
release?  The release after that could then remove the legacy driver.


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