[Xorg] tla migration

Andres Salomon dilinger at voxel.net
Sat Jul 10 16:22:53 PDT 2004

Hi Daniel,

I noticed in
<http://freedesktop.org/pipermail/xorg/2004-July/001378.html>, you
mentioned a tla-to-cvs gateway.  I'd like to point out archzoom, which
should obviate the need for such a thing.  The software can be found
here: <http://migo.sixbit.org/software/archzoom/>; I have the current
release (0.2.3) running on
<http://sloth.voxel.net/~dilinger/archzoom.cgi>, and the author has his
current development release running on his site.  The unenlightened
(*g*) could simply go to archzoom and download a tarball of the latest
dev tree, if they don't want to (or can't) do a tla get.  Note that the
feature is only in the dev tree; it's not in 0.2.3.

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