[Xorg] Resync branches...

Roland Mainz roland.mainz at nrubsig.org
Wed Jul 7 08:51:52 PDT 2004

Alexander Gottwald wrote:
> >  > Does anyone here have a _simple_ script which can sync two CVS branches
> >  > ? I'd like to breath live into an old branch and update it to "trunk",
> >  > including the special attributes of files in the CVS (execute flag,
> >  > binary flag etc.) ...
> >
> > If you haven't tagged the version where both versions have 'forked'
> > there probably isn't a simple way. If you have created the branch
> > on the old CURRENT branch and you have tagged the version from which
> > you have merged last you may be able to update from this tag to the
> > tag in current which marks the final version and then continue
> > merging the diffs between the initial version on trunk and the current
> > version.
> What about creating a new branch and rename it to the old? For cygwin we have
> the same problem which I'm going to by branching from HEAD again and leave
> the old CYGWIN branch dead (or move the branch tag to the new branch).

Uhm... it is possible to _RENAME_ a branch ?! How ? How ? I thought this
is impossible...



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