[Xorg] Can I use the X logo?

Peter Postmus p.postmus at st.hanze.nl
Tue Jul 6 15:15:15 PDT 2004

On Tuesday 06 July 2004 23:12, Leon Shiman wrote:
> Hi Peter!
> The X Logo is used to identify the  X Window System and X Window System
> components. X.Org and the X.Org Foundation have both previously expressed a
> strong interest in protecting its use.
> My personal opinion is that this is NOT an appropriate use of the X logo,
> and see no reason why you cannot use another large X in your design. I
> cannot understand why you would want to use it this way. X is a critical
> technology for desktop Linux, but does not uniquely label your release.
> I have been responsible for development and reproduction by X.Org of the
> logo for some time, and would be happy to work with you on your design.
> Leon
> (member, X.Org Foundation BOD)

Well, that's why I asked. I thought it might be protected. I think the X logo 
looks very good, and because - as you already mentioned - X is an important 
technology for desktop Linux, I wanted to use it. OTOH, you are right in that 
it doesn't uniquely label our release.

Anyway, thanks for offering your help. I want to explore the possibilities of 
the GIMP myself first, but I'll let you know if I mess up ;).

Met vriendelijke groeten,
With kind regards,

Peter Postmus

WWW: http://starbase218.ath.cx

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