[Xorg] X Application does not receive Events

Amir Bukhari ufz6 at rz.uni-karlsruhe.de
Tue Jul 6 14:10:38 PDT 2004

I use the a X Server which based on your project to run Java 3D Window
Manager, but X11 based Application does not work fine specially on 

Gnome. My Work is to run also X11 Application under the modified Version,
therefore I study the X Server Code, but AS you know it is a big project.

My Situation here that KDE Window Manager draw a frame (with minimize,
maximize. bottom) around all popup windows including menus, list box etc. in
Gnome Window Manager it does not draw such a frame but menus, etc does not

It seems to me that window manager on KDE receive also MapRequest Event,
when client try to map a popup menu. Normal those clients set the
attribute to TRUE, so that a Window Manager does not receive MapRequest
Events. Therefore KDE draw always a frame around popup window, because it
may be does not check whether this requested Window is a Sub window of the
main Client Window. In Gnome Window Manager I suppose that they check if
this window is a parent of the Root window or not, if not they drop this
event and therefore Xserver does not map those Window and therefore they
will not displayed. 


It could be that the XServer (our modified Server) does not check this
attribute, so it redirects this Request to Window Manager.

That all an Idea about the problem, I can not say if it correct. (Correct me
if I am wrong)


You have more Experience with X Server Code, could tell me where I can find
(code I main) where X Server redirect the MapRequest Event (for time saving
and to check my suppose of the problem). 




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