[Xorg] getconfig.pl

Egbert Eich eich at pdx.freedesktop.org
Mon Jul 5 08:21:08 PDT 2004

Erik Harrison writes:
 > I was actually referring to xorg.cfg. getconfig.pl looks in several
 > directories and concatenates all the *.cfg files it finds there to
 > build up it's initial set of rules. X.org currently installs a default
 > xorg.cfg (where I don't recall) which is at the moment empty.

I was confusing this with xorg.conf, the name of the default configuration
file. However this shows that the name xorg.cfg can be confusing. Instead
a name which explains the use of the file would be preferrable.

 > >From what I remember about kudzu I think that Redhat has a database of
 > PCI IDs -> X drivers. The info in getconfig is pretty basic, I'll try
 > to pull out the Redhat database and combine it with the data in
 > getconfig - unless this information already exists somewhere? Is there
 > a record of what PCI IDs a driver works with?

Every distro has this. Usually this information is contained in the drivers.
Normally one would load all drivers and have them probe which chipset is
present. I thought that's what getconfig.pl is doing, too - using the *cfg
files only for overrides (ie chipsets that are not yet listed in a 
driver but working when specifying a similar older chipset).


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