[Xorg] Pixmap 24/32 on dual videocard system

Nils Breunese breun at xs4all.nl
Sat Jul 3 15:35:26 PDT 2004

Thomas Winischhofer wrote:

>> I run X.org 6.7.0-5 with two videocards (AGP nvidia and an old PCI SiS)
>> in my system. I used to run XFree86 on my system and those two
>> videocards worked fine. Then I switched to X.org, but ever since I don't
>> seem to be able to get both cards working simultaneously in X.
>> I have this in my /etc/X11/xorg.conf:
>> Section "ServerFlags"
>>         Option  "Pixmap" "32"
>> EndSection
>> When the Pixmap option is set to 32 and I start X only the monitor
>> attached to my nvidia card comes up. In /var/log/Xorg.0.log I find the
>> following error:
>> (EE) SIS(1): Driver can't support depth 24 pixmap format (32)
>> (EE) SIS(1): **************************************************
>> (EE) SIS(1):                       ERROR:
>> (EE) SIS(1): xf86SetDepthBpp() error
>> (EE) SIS(1):                   END OF MESSAGE
>> (EE) SIS(1): **************************************************
> The SiS 6326 does not support 32 bpp (32 bit framebuffer depth).

Apparently, but the nvidia driver also doesn't seem to support 24. Just a
bad combination of videocards then?

> You may try the driver from my website. I think I changed something in
> the bpp setup (conversion flags) that might relate to your problem.

I'm not at home right now, but I'll look into it. Thanks.

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