State of the testsuite?

Nicolas Hüppelshäuser nh at
Wed Dec 7 04:20:53 PST 2011


I am looking for a way to test the functioning of a cross-built X 
system.  Being glad to have found the xorg-test pages as well as the git 
repository git://, I wonder 
about the state of the test suite and where to find the up-to-date (or 
most up-to-date) information on it.

The last paragraph of the README file in the git repository makes me 
unsure about the value of the test results:

> XTS was only recently resurrected after a period of neglect. Tests have not
> been verified. At this point, XTS results should only be used to notice
> differences between server versions. A failing test may not necessarily
> indicate a bug in the server and a successful test may not necessarily
> indicate correct functioning of the server.

However this note originated in June 2010, since then some work has been 
done, so how's the state now?

Thank you

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