mkfontdir for 'wbuild comp_pcf' includes *.bdf files

Judith Lebzelter judith at
Fri Aug 19 01:47:29 EEST 2005


mkfontdir for 'wbuild comp_pcf' includes *.bdf files in the 
'fonts.dir'.  Then the 'wbuild install_pcf' only copies over the *.pcf 
files.  I know it gives cautions about the installation, but this does 
not seem right.  The 'mkfontdir' for that system should be 'mkfontdir -x 
bdf' (unless that would break some other version of the 'mkfontdir' 
command?).  Anyway, there is a tiny patch below which make this change 
only for the 'wbuild comp_pcf', if you want to change it.


diff -Nur xts5/fonts/Makefile
--- xts5/fonts/Makefile 2005-02-12 07:14:15.000000000 -0800
+++   2005-08-18 15:34:41.154770792 -0700
@@ -159,7 +159,7 @@
        do \
                (set -x; bdftopcf -t $$f.bdf -o $$f.pcf); \
-       mkfontdir
+       mkfontdir -x bdf

        @ echo "These commands are system dependent - See User Guide"

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