[ xorg-test ] xts5 questions

Stuart Anderson anderson at netsweng.com
Fri Aug 12 20:02:14 EEST 2005

On Fri, 12 Aug 2005, Judith Lebzelter wrote:

> I am running your test ('xts5'), but I cannot seem to find overview-type
> documentation.  Am I simply missing it, or is the test documented mostly
> in the 'DETAILED RESULTS REPORT' outputs (and the code)?  Those are
> really informative, but an overview would be really helpful as well.

We probably don't have a good overview document. In a nutshell, the test
suite is organized to match the Specification document it is testing.
Each chapter directory in the test suite corresponds to the same chapter
in the Open Groups version of the X Window System Specification
document. Each of the subdirectories of a chaper directory corresponds
to one of the interfaces specified in that chapter.

> Also, is there a location where people are posting results so I can know
> if I have too many failures, unresolved etc?  I got quite a few, and would
> like to know if they are expected, or I have configuration problems.

Here is probably as good a place as any. Please try to just post the
summary and not the really long report unless we are digging into
something specific.

> Lastly, I get this error when I am running on a minimal Gentoo Installation:
> TCM Error during exec of file /tset/Xlib3/allplns/Test
> system 0: Abandoning testset: caught unexpected signal 20 (SIGTSTP)
> What is a 'TCM Error'?

TCM is the Test Case Manager. Did you happen to hit Ctrl-Z or try to run
the tests in the background


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