Tentatively dropped component: glide(4)

Mike A. Harris mharris at mharris.ca
Thu Oct 20 16:27:02 PDT 2005

Adam Jackson wrote:
> On Thursday 20 October 2005 14:03, Mike A. Harris wrote:
>>I believe the "voodoo" driver contains all of the support and
>>functionality for the same hardware as the "glide" driver did,
>>only without the dependency on Glide2.
> You used to be able to use Mesa's glide driver with the glide DDX driver to 
> get accelerated GL.  Has this been tested on the voodoo driver?

The voodoo driver has no GL support, although Alan has hinted
of the possibility of writing a native DRI driver for it sometime.

The last time I tried to get GL working on Voodoo I/II hardware
using Glide2x, it didn't work (or I couldn't get it to work).

Even if someone could coax it to work though, I dont think there
is any value to keeping the code.

>>As well, I believe there 
>>is working Render acceleration support in the "voodoo" driver,
>>and Alan has hinted that he may add EXA and DRI support in the
>>future at some point.
> The Render acceleration in voodoo(4) is disabled, it's using the old XAA 
> RenderAccel hooks which never get called anymore.  The old hooks did not have 
> enough information to be conformant anyway.

Ok.  I doubt anyone will notice. ;)

> Not that these are reasons to keep glide(4) around, of course.

Right, I can't think of any good reason to keep it, but it
doesn't matter to me either way, as we've never shipped the
glide driver TTBOMK, so it doesn't affect us/me. ;)

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