Tentatively dropped component: glide(4)

Mike A. Harris mharris at mharris.ca
Thu Oct 20 11:03:09 PDT 2005

Adam Jackson wrote:
> The glide(4) driver implements 2D support for 3dfx Voodoo1 and Voodoo2 cards 
> using the Glide2 library.  As far as I can tell the only platform where it 
> was ever built by default was x86 Debian, and this is probably patched out in 
> current Debian patchsets.
> Unfortunately it is impossible to build without the glide2 headers installed, 
> and impossible to test without a working build of glide2 (currently 
> unmaintained) and one of the supported cards.  As a result no one has written 
> a build system for it yet.  If no one contributes a build system for it, 
> there will be no xf86-video-glide module in 7.0.  However, these cards will 
> still be supported in 7.0 through the voodoo(4) driver, though with no 3D 
> support.

I believe the "voodoo" driver contains all of the support and
functionality for the same hardware as the "glide" driver did,
only without the dependency on Glide2.  As well, I believe there
is working Render acceleration support in the "voodoo" driver,
and Alan has hinted that he may add EXA and DRI support in the
future at some point.

I think it is fine to retire this driver, unless someone knows
of a support scenario where the glide driver works but the
voodoo driver does not.  Even then, since the voodoo driver
is maintained, and the glide one isn't (is it?), it would make
more sense to file bugs against the voodoo driver if it is
not working for someone.   Less ancient code to cart around and
maintain going forward sounds like a net win to me. ;o)

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