[Xorg-driver-geode] GX by natsemi/cyrix on WYSE

scott lorberbaum ugascottl at gmail.com
Mon Oct 4 13:51:39 PDT 2010

I'v been using some WYSE terminals for years with an older gentoo distro
as ltsp thin clients.  They use the "nsc" driver and the video card is
recognized and picked up perfectly.

We are currently updating to ubuntu 10.04 lucid and trying to run the
same thin clients but they keep booting up with the VESA driver.  I've
installed the "geode" driver in the thin client and told the thin client
to use that driver, but the machine does one of a couple of things.

1) will just boot up into the VESA driver instead, looking further up in
the Xorg.log log file it says it was trying to load the cyrix driver but
it doesn't exist. and then proceeds to the VESA.
   there isn't even a cyrix driver anymore ..right isn't it the geode
driver now?

2) the machine stalls and keeps outputting to the screen
	cat: /sys/devices/dmi/id/sys_vendor  No such file or directory
I might have missed something in the "/sys...." i'm not looking at the
screen right now but i'm sure you can figure out the correct /sys/ dir.

Is there something i'm missing? I've looked at the x.org website and
lots of launchpad bugs and other sites and can't find anything on this.
We used the old nsc driver i believe its a natsemi/cyrix chipset/cpu and
such.. how can i get this working?

Scott L

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