[Xorg-driver-geode] Update -- The RandR-"unable to setrotation"issue in AMD Geode LX platform

Mitch Davis mjd-xorg-driver-geode at afork.com
Mon Jun 21 18:14:06 PDT 2010

On Mon, Jun 21, 2010 at 5:59 PM, Cui, Hunk <Hunk.Cui at amd.com> wrote:
> As you said it has tested with a VGA LCD monitor, I hope you try the
> LVDS display and reproduce this issue, you can use the camera to
> take me the screenshots.
>        From your given screenshot, This can not explain the problem. :)

Hi Hunk,

Here are photos from a VGA LCD:


I will try the LVDS next.


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