[Bug 91491] DRI_PRIME crash with fullsceen programs.

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Fri Jan 29 02:41:04 PST 2016


--- Comment #11 from Greg Turner <gmt at be-evil.net> ---
(In reply to Greg Turner from comment #10)
> Unfortunately, I tried DRI3 and it was way, way worse, suggesting Kristian
> and I don't have the same problem (except maybe "memory corruption").

Scratch that.

Just found that backporting (maybe that's not technically the right word -- I
simply applied the patch without incident) commit 25eca802656 from xorg-server
to 1.18.0 fixes the DRI3-mode trouble I was formerly able to repeatably cause
by moving gl windows around between crtc's.

That makes it much more plausible OP and I suffer from the same bug since, but
for this known and already-fixed-upstream problem, my issue also seems to be
fixed by moving to DRI3.

Also, after my huge full-system rebuild I see much better behavior overall on
this box.  So, as I kind of suspected, some kind of toolchain or
reverse-dependency issue remains a plausible cause of my non-repeatable lockups
under DRI2.

I'll move back to DRI2 now*, stress the hell out of this machine (I do so
naturally in the course of my day-to-day activities) and if everything works we
can infer my issue was caused by something other than a bug in xorg.


* For a while, at least.  DRI3 is /so/ much less janky here than DRI2 was, I'm
fairly eager to migrate for good.

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