[Bug 91491] DRI_PRIME crash with fullsceen programs.

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Wed Jan 27 05:03:04 PST 2016


--- Comment #10 from Greg Turner <gmt at be-evil.net> ---
Ugh, well behavior keeps changing on me.

Lately I get DOS'ed on all interfaces most of the time which isn't helpful.

Time I looked up how to access the simulated scroll-lock on my fancy-pants tiny
keyboard -- or better yet printed it out and taped it to my wall :)

Currently trying not to crash as I'm rebuilding Everything (capital e!) just to
rule out any subtle toolchain abi shenanigans, as I did recently upgrade gcc

Unfortunately, I tried DRI3 and it was way, way worse, suggesting Kristian and
I don't have the same problem (except maybe "memory corruption").

Also, looked into Valgrind.  It's going to be an uphill battle without changing
the cflags I used here (march=bdver2).  I didn't adjust it for fear of
heisen-fixing the problem, I'll built it one more time if need be -- takes a
couple days, but for me it'd be well worth it if it leads to

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