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--- Comment #4 from nw9165-3201 at yahoo.com ---
(In reply to Michel Dänzer from comment #3)
> Grigori, see the patch and discussion on bug 94816.

Why are you pointing him to the xrandr patch?

I think Grigori means something else.

With the xrandr patch, the scaling happens in software, right?

What Grigori most likely means is, that AMD GPUs/APUs most probably have a
dedicated hardware scaler in their GPU which could be used for image scaling
instead of xrandr?

I'm fairly sure the GPU must have a dedicated hardware scaler, otherwise it
could not scale up the image on POST.

AMD GPUs even default to underscan on POST (on a lot of displays), so there
must be a hardware scaler in use/available.

In his case this hardware scaler seems to be using a bicubic filter.

What he (and me) would like to know is how one could tell the hardware scaler
to use nearest neighbor filtering instead of bicubic/bilinear filtering.

Or does xrandr actually utilize the dedicated hardware scaler inside the GPU?

Can anyone comment on this please?


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