[Bug 91303] HD7600 glitches with TV Tuner

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Mon Jul 13 18:30:22 PDT 2015


--- Comment #11 from Evan Langlois <uudruid74 at gmail.com> ---
You may be correct.  Which makes more sense as it just means a pointer
somewhere got moved (either software or some register), but the fact that only
part of the image is shifted is what's weird.  You would think that the right
edge would be part of the shifted pixels.  I'm thinking that this is some sort
of race condition, and perhaps an issue with someone not honoring a lock?

It almost looks like something disrupts the address where it is reading or
writing the data, and then it gets fixed mid-operation.  I would say its a
hardware problem, but moving to fglrx fixed for me for the longest time and now
using those drivers is no longer an option.

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