[Bug 91303] HD7600 glitches with TV Tuner

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--- Comment #2 from Andy Furniss <adf.lists at gmail.com> ---
It could be USB, I recently started using a DC fanless, headless, intel
baytrail board as my home router/pvr/nas box and it has a similar issue.

Of course you issue may be quite different given fglrx seems to help - but then
it may just manage to keep the cpu out of lower power states while working.

I don't know tvtime at all - I assume you are watching digital TV, if so it
would be really handy if it does/could log continuity counter errors. If you
see those then they would explain the issue.

I use tvheadend - it does log cc errors so I know that for me xhci usb is
loosing the odd packet at a low but enough to be annoying level.

I do have a thread on linux-usb and eventually may find something useful, but I
found a 99% workaround anyway = don't use xhci!

On my box I turned off USB3 in bios, which makes the kernel use the ehci driver
which fixes my normal use cases but I can still provoke with extreme testing
(2x 40mbit DVB-T2 muxes). If you are into doing your own Kernels some h/w will
get xhci for usb3 ports and ehci for USB2 ports if you build just xhci as a

Saying all that I don't know your hardware and it may all be irrelevant.

Perhaps you could try some ways to see if the glitches are data loss related -

See if tvtime can be made verbose to log continuity counter errors or log the
output of the mpeg decoder.

Maybe install tvheadend, record something and look in eg. /var/log/daemon.log
for errors.

Install mplayer or mpv, run from an xterm/console/whatever and watch TV - both
by default will print the mpeg errors (if any) that result from missing data.

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