[Bug 91303] HD7600 glitches with TV Tuner

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Fri Jul 10 22:51:39 PDT 2015


--- Comment #1 from Evan Langlois <uudruid74 at gmail.com> ---
One more thing.  Look closely at the pictures (from two different applications,
so its not an app issue), but the "glitch" is that a section of the output is a
horizontal mirror of what it should be.  I'm thinking some sort of race
condition where the TV Tuner and something else are hitting memory at once?  I
don't know enough about how it all works.  But the position of the glitch
changes about once per second, sometimes goes away for 2-3 seconds, nothing
consistent.  Some sort of race/collision, and making the CPUs busy seems to
hold it at bay.

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