RFC on major r128 update

Connor Behan connor.behan at gmail.com
Sun May 25 13:21:31 PDT 2014

On 19/05/14 10:03 AM, pablodav at gmail.com wrote:
> We have at least 10 computers in a secondary school at Fray Bentos,
> Uruguay. that needs this driver and now thanks to this updates we will be
> able to work with latest linux distros.
> We have some problem with performance so we had to disable compositor on
> xfce, also there is some issues with frequency detection for some monitors,
> but nothing that can't be fixed with some work in xorg.conf or usage of
> xrandr command.
The upcoming patch doesn't have to do with compositing but it should
make it easier to get the right frequencies. Multi-monitor DRI is why I
wanted to work on the patch.
> Thanks a lot for your job, I will be pleased to help if some test is
> needed.
The patch I just submitted to bug 75629 is close to what will land
upstream. It would be great if you could test this (against git) to make
sure there are no regressions compared to your current setup. I have not
tested it on PowerPC systems or cards with DVI ports so that would be
interesting to hear about too.

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