[Bug 75709] Consider re-enabling glamor on at least R500

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> I reverted it and tried glamor on my RV530. It's working fine, only having
> some corruption with Xv on some video (same as bug #72821 or bug #74811
> reported for other chipsets),

Which glamor version/tree/branch did you try? X -retro fails to start with
current glamor Git on my RV350:

 Failed to link: error: shader uses too many varying components (44 > 40)

 (EE) Fatal server error:
 (EE) GLSL link failure

AFAICT this limit is the same for all GPUs supported by r300g.

> also gtkperf is slower on Lines and Circles
> (I'll try again when the 36 patches posted on glamor ML get merged),

They don't affect gtkperf according to my tests with radeonsi. But FWIW they
should make core text rendering (e.g. used by xterm and some other terminal
emulators by default) faster than with EXA.

> Also according to glamor source it just needs OpenGL 1.3:
> http://cgit.freedesktop.org/xorg/driver/glamor/tree/src/glamor.c#n311

Even if that's still true, r300g advertises OpenGL 2.1 support, and with that
glamor uses GLSL shaders which are too complex for the hardware supported by
r300g. It might be possible to fix that, but someone would have to put in the

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