Radeon HD 4650 (RV730) system freeze when playing any type of video file

Dominik Kopp my at kabelfunk.de
Fri Jul 18 00:33:44 PDT 2014

lorant kovacs wrote:
> I am using the open source radeon drivers, and every time I try to play a
> video, my computer freezes to the point I have to hard reset it. I've been
> trying to find a solution for weeks now, also posted on several forums
> (without success as of now), and I was thinking maybe someone could help.
> Currently I'm using Fedora 20; previously used Ubuntu 14.04. Video
> playback used to work perfectly (including VDPAU), but all of a sudden
> this strange error happened.

I have a similar problem with my HD4200 (RS880) since kernel 3.15
The issue is triggered by a Suspend2RAM and resume cycle.
Doing this, the last 6 lines of the screen are black and playing a video 
with vlc makes the laptop crash in a few seconds. (black screen, but with 
mouse cursor; freeze)
Workaround is to change the resolution of the screen (and back to e.g. 
1366x768). This stabilized the system until next reboot.

Do I have the same or different bug as you?

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