[Bug 66812] regression in vt-switching between x servers with ums radeon driver

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Sun Jul 21 04:08:23 PDT 2013


--- Comment #4 from Andriy Gapon <avg at icyb.net.ua> ---
Looking at eb6d769a087b2ed5952f477fc3f0b0625810a287 it seems that it does a
little bit more than the commit message says.
Whereas previously there was an early return from radeon_crtc_dpms():

if ((mode == DPMSModeOn) && radeon_crtc->enabled)

now there isn't one in radeon_*do*_crtc_dpms().

So now, when radeon_do_crtc_dpms is called RADEONRestore() it's always executed
to the completion even when mode == DPMSModeOn && radeon_crtc->enabled already.

Note sure if this was intended.

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