[Bug 59703] radeonsi & glamor: No acceleration

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--- Comment #13 from Michel Dänzer <michel at daenzer.net> ---
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> The whole thing hung hard immediately with Dave Airlie's 3.8rc4 drm-next
> kernel but with 3.7 it works mostly.

How about the latest drm-fixes tree? If it still happens with that, can you

> KDE decorations don't look quite right (default theme, XRender or OpenGL.)

I can't seem to reproduce this.

Did you change any decoration options from the default?

Which Git commits of libdrm, Mesa, glamor and xf86-video-ati are you currently

> Every now and then the display freezes for a moment. During that time the
> migration process is very busy, often with over 200% CPU and several
> threads.

Can't seem to reproduce this either. AFAICT the migration/%d kernel threads are
related to stopping CPU cores, so this doesn't sound directly related to the
graphics drivers.

> This can be triggered by switching KDE desktop effects on/off
> (Shift-Alt-F12.) Doing that also leaves some garbage on the screen.

Leaves garbage where? The only garbage I've noticed so far is when a window is
dimmed due to a modal dialogue, and only when using OpenGL for effects. That's
probably a radeonsi driver issue.

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