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--- Comment #12 from Alex Deucher <agd5f at yahoo.com> ---
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> DRM/KMS with 2560x1440 monitors on DP->DVI adapters doesn't work correctly.
> The monitors were detected with the wrong resolution (1024x768) even after I
> hardwired them on the kernel command line with video=DP-1:2560x1440-24 at 60e
> video=DP-2:2560x1440-24 at 60e.

This is material for another bug report.

> However the monitor detection/mode switching code in the Atom BIOS is broken
> in general for DP outputs. Not even the BIOS switches modes correctly when
> these monitors are connected. I had a long and fruitless exchange with AMD
> tech support about this. Now the monitors are still not detected reliably
> but switching to a text console and back gets them all up after a couple of
> tries.

What kind of DP->DVI adapters are you using?  Make sure they are active
adapters that support dual link since your monitors require dual-link DVI and
passive DP->DVI adapters only support single link.  Also, most active adapters
also only support single link DVI; you need to make sure you specifically got
dual-link capable active adapters.  If they are active adapters, make sure they
are properly powered.  You might also want to try alternate adapters as a lot
of cheap ones don't work very well.

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