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Hi All,

I am running Archlinux (kernel 3.10.3) with ati driver 1:7.1, on an
ASRock E350M1 Mini ITX board that has a Radeon HD 6310 on-board. (From
the evergreen family, feature matrix shows "DONE" at HDMI audio).
Further specs:

processor: AMD Fusion E-350
chipset: AMD A50M (Hudson-M1)

Attached to the board is my TV set, via HDMI.

Vanilla install works fine, except: no audio via HDMI.

The standard alsa device is configured as card 0, device 0. But poking
around (aplay -l, cat /proc/asound/cards) shows me this should be card
0, device 3. That's something that needs fixing. But

|mplayer -ao alsa:device=hw=0.3 <some file>|

returns no errors but I hear no sound...

Reading the (excellent) arch wiki
( I was
recommended to add || to my kernel parameters. Without it,
I see that I /sys/.../parameters/audio = 0. Setting the kernel parameter
does flip this parameter into 1...

But: as soon as the kernel loads with this parameter set, the screen
goes blank with no signal detected by my TV. The system continues
booting as per normal. Logging in through ssh and trying to play the
same audio file: still no sound from my TV set. Switching the TV off and
back on or unplugging and plugging back in (all this while mplayer
runs), still no sound.

Just for fun: also setting || as kernel parameter does not
help. Same thing...

When I run mplayer, nothing awkward shows up in journalctl -f

Any clue as to what to try next?

Willem van Asperen

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