[Bug 52952] Ubuntu 10.04.4 LTS 32-bit and ATI Technologies Radeon Xpress 200 for Intel (RC410) ACPI S3 State Resume Failure

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(In reply to comment #10)
> try making the following change to radeon_combios_asic_init() in
> radeon_combios.c in the kernel.  Remove the following code:
>     /* DYN CLK 1 */
>     table = combios_get_table_offset(dev, COMBIOS_DYN_CLK_1_TABLE);
>     if (table)
>         combios_parse_pll_table(dev, table);
> and see if that helps.

I am not saying that I cannot do this, but I am not a Linux kernel developer,
so I am not sure how I can make the change, and recompile the kernel.
I do have Windows device driver development experience, but I have never done
software development with Linux.
Keeping that in mind, can you provide me with detailed instructions on how to
make the edits and recompile the kernel?



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