Bug#687461: xserver-xorg-video-radeon: HD 6310 video gives only colored snow/black screen

Michel Dänzer daenzer at debian.org
Thu Sep 20 02:27:12 PDT 2012

On Mit, 2012-09-19 at 19:09 +0200, Patrice Pillot wrote: 
> Last weekend I experienced the same problem as described by original 
> reporter while installing wheezy on an Asus K53E with an HD6320 (please note 
> that it is not the same card while probably similar enough according to what 
> I could read on the internet).
> While during installation (squeeze base system, dist-upgraded to wheezy, 
> then xorg et al.) the kernel modules were configured so that the radeon 
> module be loaded (confirmed by lsmod).
> All of the console/CLI only process went fine and, upon wheezy install, I 
> noticed the usual modeset display changing (thiner fonts, ...)
> Yet, on first X run I got the wrong screen resolution (1024 instead of 1366) 
> as reported here and I noticed that some vesafb (IIRC) was used with a 
> message in xorg logs about failing to load radeon module (I don't have the 
> box at hand to check more precisely, have to wait for this week-end for this).
> I then stopped X and forced the use of the radeon driver by editing 
> xorg.conf which lead me to the garbage screen on the next X run.
> I then added the radeon.modeset=0 stanza to my grub configuration and this 
> seemed to make the trick.
> Yet there are still some very annoying (and somehow scary) side effects :

Those are all due to your card not being fully supported without KMS
(modeset=0). We need to focus on solving the issues with KMS. Please
provide logs for the issues described above.

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