using gr_gb and rg_bg formats for xv for r600+

Roland Scheidegger rscheidegger_lists at
Thu May 10 19:25:05 PDT 2012

Ok I found it sending new patches tomorrow...


Am 11.05.2012 04:01, schrieb Roland Scheidegger:
> Hi,
> I thought those gr_gb and rg_bg formats were a perfect match for packed
> yuv data. That should make the code simpler and faster (though unless
> you've got some HD3000-class IGPs that shouldn't matter at all).
> There's only a slight problem, it doesn't actually work...
> The colors are just all wrong, swapping u and v (y/z) doesn't do much it
> just is wrong differently. Maybe there's some sign issue somewhere but I
> wouldn't see how as it looks like all those values were just set up as
> uint8 values before.
> I've attached some test images (tested on EG, they were created with
> "gst-launch videotestsrc ! xvimagesink"), maybe someone has some idea
> what's wrong?
> I _thought_ those formats should just work like that (the dri driver
> also supports them), the change is fairly trivial (not saying there
> can't be other bugs, that shader code is difficult to understand...).
> Roland
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