Bug#679312: xserver-xorg-video-radeon: Rotation fails due to "Acceleration init failed", but DRI works nevertheless

Michel Dänzer daenzer at debian.org
Thu Jun 28 01:42:54 PDT 2012

On Mit, 2012-06-27 at 22:24 +0200, Johannes Baiter wrote: 
> This morning I rebooted my machine for the first time in ~2 weeks (I usually
> just suspend to RAM).
> On rebooting with the exact same kernel, X.org will not start unless I remove
> the options to rotate my two screens from xorg.conf:
> [  5945.274] (EE) RADEON(0): Acceleration required for rotation


> Full log: http://paste.debian.net/176669/
> (Sorry for not attaching it, I can't figure out how to attach a file
> with reportbug in text mode, [...]

'a' at the prompt after writing the report, but it was included by the
package bug script anyway.

> OpenGL renderer string: Gallium 0.4 on llvmpipe (LLVM 0x209)

llvmpipe is software rendering, not hardware acceleration.

> This wouldn't be all that bad, if I could still rotate my displays via XRandR,
> but this fails, too:
> ~ ◆ xrandr --output HDMI-0 --rotate right
> xrandr: Configure crtc 0 failed

Same reason: Rotation requires acceleration.

> DRM Information from dmesg:
> ---------------------------
> [    0.000000] No AGP bridge found
> [    0.000000] No AGP bridge found
> [    0.463471] Linux agpgart interface v0.103

Looks like something is preventing the radeon kernel driver from
loading / initializing. Is it built into the kernel or as a module? If
the latter, what happens if you try to run 'sudo modprobe radeon' from
console (ideally before X starts)?

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